About Us

At Romparound we love a good shortcut. Life can come at you fast and every minute and every second counts.

At Romparound we wanted to bring pieces of clothing to the world that can cut out the thinking and the need for multiple outfits without sacrificing style and fun. Our jumpsuits can go from sleep (yes, sleep) to day to night to work (ok...casual work) to beach and everywhere in between. Think of it as a life uniform with zero uniformity.


Our Story


Growing up, I had to wear uniforms to school and I absolutely hated it. Who wanted to look like everyone else and be lost in a sea of khaki pleated skirts and white collared shirts? No, thank you!  

girls in khaki and white uniforms

However, as the years passed, and the day in and day out of adulting began to sink in, I found myself longing for the ease of my childhood uniforms. Roll out of bed, slap a shirt and skirt on and be out the door, versus rummaging through the closet and trying on 10 outfits and wasting an hour before finding the "right one."

Cher's Closet from Clueless

Fast forward to when I became a caregiver for my dad who was battling cancer. I had to be ready for anything from springing into action in the middle of the night, to working full-time, to catching up on lost sleep, to running from work to doctor's appointments, and everything in between. To achieve balance, I needed to wear something that was functional but also wanted to look put together and feel good about myself. I found options that were functional, but they were just plain boring, and completely lacked color and fun. That’s when I had my aha moment. I realized that what I was grabbing for every day was a colorful printed jumpsuit that was easy to throw on, comfy enough to sleep in, and cute enough to confidently venture out into the world in. Not to mention, I always got compliments when I was living in my "Romparound" 24/7. 

If I were stuck on a desert island, this would for sure be the one item of clothing I would take. Who wouldn't want to share such an incredibly versatile, effortless, and fun outfit with people everywhere? 

And that's how Romparound was born.


Hope you enjoy!
Megan - Founder & Head Romper
Women in blue jumpsuit